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Gardening has been for me a great hobby and pleasure. I started my own business as a full time Gardener in recent years. Why not turn a hobby and something I love doing into a business? I thought to myself! So here I am doing what I love and making a living. 

My motto is "A Beautiful Garden is a Work of Heart". I chose this motto because it states exactly how i feel about Gardening. "My heart is truly in the Garden with my hands in the soil".

I work closely with my clients, many of them elderely and require a companion Gardener to discuss, plan and work together in the Garden according to the individuals needs. Your garden is your personal space, and it is a priority for me to leave your garden with what you desire and some WOW factor. 

Damien Flanagan.


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 In today's society with the pace and pressures of daily life, it's not always  easy to make time to keep your garden looking good. We all like to come  home at the end of the day to relax and enjoy our personal space at home  indoors and out. 
 This is where I come in! 

 Your garden is my work of heart and nothing gives me more pleasure than  giving your garden the attention and love it needs to flourish. Every garden  has potential and  can be kept tidy or changed. 

 Plants can be altered or changed and new one's planted. Overgrown  hedges and out of control grass can be pruned, trimmed and mowed.  Whatever condition your garden is in, a few hours work and your garden  can be transformed.

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